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Inner tube gasket manufacturer - Gaomi Rida Rubber & Plastic

       Gaomi Rida Rubber & Plastic is a tire gasket manufacturer mainly producing and selling all steel inner tubes and gasket belts; Agricultural tyre inner tube, cushion belt; Inner tube and cushion belt of medium and large engineering tyre; The annual output of inner tubes and cushion belts for truck tires is 6 million sets. The company mainly produces models of inner tubes and cushion products, inner tube models are: 500-8, 600-9, 650-10, 155/165-13, 165/175-14, 185/195-15, 400-12450/500, 500-12, 600-12, 700-12, 550/560/600-13, 450/500, 14,600/650-14, 600/650-15, 700/750-15, 450/500/550-16, 600/650-16, 700/750-16, 825/900-16, 650-20, 750-20, 825-20, 900-20, 1000-20, 1100-20, 1200-20, 1400-20, 1100-22, 1200-24, 17.5-25, 20.5-25, 23.5-25, 26.5-25, 12.4-28, 14.9-28, 8.3/9.5-20, 8.3/9.5-24, 28*9-15. The models of the cushion belt are: 500-8600-9650-/750-15 700/750/825-16 900-16 750/825-20 900/1000-20 1100/1200-20 1200-24, 1300-24, 1400/1600-24, 17.5-25, 500-500-8600-950-15 20.5-25, 23.5-25, 26.5-25.

       Cushion belt is also called lining tape, layering. Annular tape used to protect the inner tube from rim wear. It is mounted between the inner tube and the rim, which is thicker and thinner on both sides. The outer surface of the gasket belt has a center line, which is used as the alignment line during installation. There is also a hole in the center line for the inner tube valve to pass through. The physical and mechanical properties of the gasket are not high, but it should have good aging resistance. A circular rubber belt with a shaped section. It has a round hole that allows the inner tube valve to pass through. It is placed on the rim to protect the inner tube from abrasion of the rim and outer bead.

       Since its establishment, the company's products have been used for automobile supporting use, and has established long-term cooperation with a number of large radial tire manufacturers. We will continue to be committed to scientific development, harmonious development, green development, determined to build a evergreen enterprise. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit the company and negotiate business.

       Contact number: 15610232121

       Address: Intersection of Jiafang Road and Baimai Lake Street, Chaoyang Street, Gaomi City, Shandong Province

       Website: http://www.gmlida.cn/







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