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Intelligent loading of inner tire pad with load tires

2019/04/04 15:36
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The intelligent tire inner tire pad with loader is certified by the scientific and technological achievements organized by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. The equipment fills the gap in the domestic market. It is specially used for loading the finished tires of the truck production factory into the outer carcass cavity before or before leaving the warehouse. The tire loading speed is 100 pieces/hour, that is, two places at the falling tire bed. The average time between the tires of adjacent tires is ≤36 seconds. When connecting the automatic sorting line of the tires, the whole machine only needs one person to operate. The pad and inner tube loaded into the tire cavity of the tire are evenly distributed without pinching. If there are occasional padded lips, the whole circle should not exceed two places, the length of each lip is not more than 120 mm, and the success rate of the tire is 99. %, no damage to the carcass, no waste. The whole machine runs to realize automatic intelligent cycle, without manual intervention, realizes continuous operation of three shifts for 24 hours, automatically scans the barcode on the tire to identify the tire model and adjusts the corresponding control program in real time to automatically identify the weight on the tire. Point, real-time centering angle, angular offset ≤ ± 4 °, the noise peak of the whole machine during normal operation is ≤ 75dB.
It is understood that the loader sent to Chengshan tires is suitable for more than 10 types of radial truck tires. With efficient production efficiency. The equipment has attracted the interest of many tire companies, and four large tire companies are negotiating with manufacturers.